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Mike Piazza Falls Short of the Hall of Fame

Mike Piazza, former New York Met, has fallen short of the Hall of Fame once again.  By far the greatest offensive catcher in MLB history received 62.2% of the votes (75% is required for entry).

His denial is not surprising as rumors of his involvement in PED’s continue to swirl.  He did take a positive step as he receive more votes than he did in 2012, his first year of eligibility, so history shows that in the coming years he should get the call.

I think Piazza deserved the call.  He has the most home runs by a catcher, finished with a career .308 batting average, made 12 All-Star teams and was awarded 10 Silver Slugger Awards.  Not to mention the 1993 Rookie of the Year.  Its sad that speculation and rumors have hindered his ability to take his place in history.  I can’t say one way or the other, but I’m a guy who would want to see a positive test before passing judgement.

A pitcher who did spend some times as a Met was granted entry, Tom Glavine.  He’ll enter as a Brave, as he spent most of his HOF career in Atlanta.  Glavine will go in with another one of his Brave rotation battery mates, Greg Maddux.

Roy Halladay calls it a career

Today at the Winter Meetings Roy Halladay signed a one day contract with the Blue Jays to retire as a member of the club he rose to prominence with.


Halladay has had a fantastic career that probably warrants Hall of Fame credentials.  Spread across two teams, Roy Halladay finishes with with a 3.38 ERA, 203 wins, and 2,117 strike outs.  He owns two Cy Young awards eight All Star appearances a perfect game and a post season no hitter.


Halladay always gave the impression as polite, respectable athlete who went about his business perfecting his craft and always had the drive to win.  He was always someone you rooted for.  One of the few guys who you always thought deserved a World Series ring (if you are of the people who believe some athletes ‘deserve’ rings).


Of his retirement speech two things stood out to me.  One, he said he had no regrets.  You can tell he is a peaceful place with his decision by saying this.  He isn’t going to chase a championship at any cost, and he genuinely appreciates what he was able to accomplish.  The second was how he would be open to passing on what he knows.  It shows that he knows he was given a gift, and that if he is able to share it he should.


Congrats Roy, on a magnificent career well done!  Good luck in your next adventure…